Napa Christian Campus of Education

Home of the Knights - Standing Firm on the Armor of God
CONQUESTS is a new educational model designed to provide a dynamic and engaging range of learning activities to meet each child's specific developmental needs.
Create - activating the right side of the brain.
  • Music: Develop and express musicianship skills through instrumental and vocal play. 
  • Art: Develop and express Art skills through hands-on projects modelled after the grand masters’ modus operandi.
  • Performance Arts: Create characters, improvise and project professionalism on stage using proven performance techniques that will boost confidence.
  • Craft projects designed to create beautiful, and usable projects through sewing, knitting, crochet, and needlework, etc.
  • Creating with the use of technology: Claymation, animation, movie making, editing, sound, lighting, photography, and the use of software.
Outreach – learning to serve.
  • Participate in community service projects, including developing companionship with the elderly and infirm.
  • Peer mentorship from students at a higher grade level or experience to encourage and strengthen each other.
  • Developing effective spiritual leadership in missions and evangelism with a focus on salvation and service.
  • Synergize the home and the school creating congruency and consistency by hosting quarterly parent seminars.
Nurture - teaching sustainability and stewardship.
  • Foster the reverence for nature and humanity inherent in the young child.
  • Students will take daily care of the campus animals.
  • Each grade will be responsible for caring for the school garden, daily.
  • Students will be responsible for cleaning and caring for their classrooms.
  • Green week. A school-wide cross curricular learning experience on conservation.
  • Annual fundraiser to support conservation. 
Questing – Differentiated Instruction across the curriculum
  • Embracing the developmental model of the growing child and awaken each child’s full and unique potential.
  • Taking learning beyond the textbook.
  • A variety of assessment techniques utilized according to students’ unique learning needs. 
  • With teachers as facilitators, students take pride in work that is their own, learning in a new and individual ways.
  • Every subject taught is within the context of a broader vision. How does everything learned connect to the world we live in?
  • Students are not required to stay within a grade for individual core subjects. Children who excel in one area, may move ahead. Students needing more time, have the opportunity to reinforce the concepts.
Understand – instilling a sense of community.
  • Meeting occurs as a community in the chapel at the start of each day. Welcome, pray, and pledge.
  • Teachers meet individually with each student for a couple of minutes each day to “check-in”.
  • Intentional and focused Bible studies, including personal and group prayer time.
  • Family members donate 2 hours/week on campus, enhancing relationships between home and school.
  • Pathfinder/Adventurer classes, part of the curriculum, focus on working towards honors and take part in church organized activities.
  • Buddy systems between students in different grades. Cross-age pals meet monthly building solid relationships with both younger and older students.
  • Classes connect with sister classrooms across the world and engage via skype and email.
Experience – the power of directed play.
  • Activities such as water play, woodwork, building, treehouse time, sand play, and outdoor art are available to students every day.
  • Play activities are designed to optimize learning, collaboration, and enjoyment. 
  • Games of strategy are encouraged such as chess, checkers, mancala, and hopscotch.
Solve – using education to make real changes.
  • Napa Christian is a STREAM school, developing thinking, reasoning, teamwork, investigative, and creative skills in Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts, and Math.
  • Students are taught authentic STREAM practices.
  • The campus is designed to allow exploratory thinking and experimentation to take place easily, with limited controls.
  • Students are encouraged to solve problems which can then be can applied to the community as a whole, and to all areas of their own lives.
Thrive – making health a lifetime priority. 
  • Sustaining a close relationship with God is woven into every strand of the hidden and tangible curriculum.
  • PE lessons include a variety of sports and climbing activities to optimize strength and fitness.
  • Healthy food practices including balanced lunch boxes and snacks, take part in weekly cooking classes.
  • Experiential play will include digging, climbing, and outdoor activities such as archery and mud play.
  • Life-skills are an integral part of the weekly schedule:
  • Cider pressing, cooking outdoors, apple pressing and drying, leaf raking, birdhouse building, pruning and mulching roses, broom-making, bees, compost bins, tool identification and maintenance, canning fruit, pickling vegetables, basket -weaving, wilderness survival, first-aid, etc.
  • Learning how to rest and disconnect from technology and other daily stresses.
Soar – going beyond what’s expected. 
  • Spanish, German or Sign Language are available to K-6.
  • STREAM develops a set of thinking, reasoning, teamwork, investigative, and creative skills that students can use in all areas of their lives. 
  • Addressing real social, economic, and environmental problems to seek solutions using flexible processes that take students from identifying a problem to creating and developing a solution using engineering design processes.
  • The path to learning is open ended, within constraints. Work is hands-on and collaborative, and decisions about solutions are student-generated. Students communicate to share ideas and redesign their prototypes as needed. 
  • Science and math are not isolated subjects, but work together to solve problems, adding relevance the concepts.
  • Our campus has a project room available which can be used to manifest concept mastery.
As a small private school we have the ability to see each of our kids as a part of our own family. We know their names, their faces and their individual needs; and that means that no child falls through the cracks. 

As with other parochial schools, God is at the core of everything we do. Although we are a faith- based community, our doors are open to all children and families from all walks of life. We are a family here, and love and accept everyone for who they are and appreciate their diversity and insights and all they have to offer. We plan to keep our enrollment low, but we are currently accepting new students for the 2017/18 school year. Come for a tour and consider joining us, we’ll be so pleased to have you at our table.