Napa Christian Campus of Education

Home of the Knights - Standing Firm on the Armor of God
The purpose of the athletic program at Napa Christian is to promote the education and development of its students through interscholastic athletic participation. Napa Christian, although varied and diverse from other Seventh-Day Adventist schools, shares a common commitment to high standards and the pricipicles that athletics serve as an integral part of education.

The athletic experience provides a process for learning discipline, teamwork, leadership, and mutual respect for other athletes. At Napa Christian the coaches and athletic administration’s goal is to provide to the student-athlete a preparation for life rather than a win-loss record.

Napa Christian wants to provide the opportunity for the student-athlete who desires to be part of a team, which competes at the interscholastic level and for the coach who wants his/her team to represent Jesus Christ. However, it also affirms that the students education within a Biblical perspective must remain a priority for students, teachers, and coaches.

Sports Offered

Boys Soccer: August-September
Girls Volleyball: August-November

Boys Basketball: December-February
Girls Basketball: December-February