Napa Christian Campus of Education

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One of the objectives of Christian education is to prepare young people for a life of service to others. The philosophy of Christian service is predicated on two basic relationships: 1) the individual’s relationship with God, and 2) his or her relationship with other people. Once the relationship with God is established, then the individual is increasingly capable of reaching out to others.

Although participation in service learning activities is a high school diploma requirement, Napa Christian seeks to instill within its students a desire to serve from the heart. While religion classes build knowledge about God’s love and grace, the laboratory portion of the classes centers on the practical application of that knowledge. Christians should be known by their love for others, and this love is exemplified in relieving people’s needs. Past service learning activities have included nursing home visitation; volunteering at community organizations such as churches, hospitals, animal shelters, and food banks; disaster relief fundraising; and assisting families in need with free childcare and housecleaning.