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Third & Fourth Grade



Teacher - Jan Leigh

Third grade is a major transition year.  This is where the students go from learning how to read to reading to learn.  We are still in the process of making that educational change, but we are making terrific progress.

In science, we have covered various things, such as plant and animal life, what matter consists of, and the most important of all – that Pluto is no longer a planet.  This news really shook us up but it helped us realize that things can change in the field of science – even today.

For the first time, we are giving speeches in class.  We have had two oral book reports and each student has done a phenomenal job.  They are getting better at sharing with their peers something they have learned (rather than just the typical show-and-tell sharing).  We are making great strides!

In Math we are working on fluency of addition facts to help make our transition into multiplication easier.  The last half of the year will be working on mastering multiplication facts.  Most kids are very excited that this is coming up.

All in all, it has been a great year and I look forward to seeing how each student will grow and blossom as they become more confident young people.

Napa Christian’s fourth grade class is a special class with a great deal of energy. As always we are doing many things in the different content areas.  Here are a few examples of the learning that is taking place.