Napa Christian Campus of Education

Home of the Knights - Standing Firm on the Armor of God
Fifth and Sixth Grade
Teacher - Janet Wright

What I like about 5th/6th Grade.
In fifth grade you get to do the flags but you have to be respectful. I also love my teacher she is very very loving and kind. Her name is Mrs. Wright. – Andrea

I like how the room is full of delighted chatter, or complete silence. It is like a child’s paradise – playing outside in the warm sunshine, and getting hugs from Mrs. Wright-our teacher, and learning new things each day, making new friends and special friends. – Kristina

We also have pet chinchilla named Quimby, he is as soft as cotton candy. Bible is one of my favorite subjects because it talks about God and Jesus. I also like the windows because you see the nice blue sky. – Frenesi

I like the way Mrs. Wright comforts me. It’s good that it’s a Christian school. – Chris

What I like about 5th grade is that we have the best teacher ever and that when we look outside we see the flag from our window and squirrels. – Ashlee

My favorite thing is worship and that’s when we praise God. – JJ

I like how Mrs. Wright doesn’t get annoyed when you ask her questions. She has lots of patience! -- Jasmyn